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One of the most common things we are asked, is how to choose a snooker cue. Over the last decade, the range of cues has increased dramatically, and this doesn’t make the buying a cue easy. One of the main things to consider is that choosing a snooker cue does come down to personal preference. For that reason, it’s worth trying a range of cues to see which ones fits your style the best.

The Cue Store offers four main types of cues:

  • 1 piece
  • 2 piece
  • 3 piece
  • Telescopic

1 Piece Cues

As the name suggest, 1 piece cues can’t be taken apart. This is most suited to players that like an extremely rigid cue with no flexibility. The main concerns for players is how they can extend their cue for the longer shots. This is done using an Extenda that pushes on the end of the cue. So, the player doesn’t need to buy a completely different cue for these shots.

The main consideration if 1 piece cues suit your style, is transport. As they don’t come apart, you’ll need to make sure that your transportation has adequate space for your cue. You’ll also need something to protect it during transport. We do offer 1 piece cue cases for sale.

2 Piece Cues

2 piece cues are among the most popular that we sell at The Cue Store. Typically, the joint will be central, as this offers the maximum stability to the cue. It goes without saying that one of the main reasons customers prefer the 2 piece cues is because they are easy to transport.

They can be taken apart in a matter of seconds and stored in a cue case to protect them whilst travelling. And, that’s going to prolong the life of the cue, not to mention keeping it in a much more aesthetically pleasing condition throughout its life.

Finally, if you are looking for cheap snooker cues, the 2 piece could be a great option. Of all the cues, the 1 piece tends to be the most expensive (when searching comparable 2 and 3 piece cues). So, sometimes purchasing a 2 piece is simply a matter of cost.

We offer a range of 2 piece products, as well as a 3 piece cue case which means you’ll be able to carry an extender to games for the longer shots.

3 Piece Cues

Next, we have 3 piece cues. They are not aptly named, that’s for sure. Many of the so-called “3 piece” products we have for sale are actually only 2 piece. The only difference between the standard 2 piece products is the fact that they have a but butt in the joint.

Butt jointed cues are incredibly flexible. For shots in tight spaces, the player can remove the butt to make the cue slightly shorter. Suddenly, they have more control over the cue in hard to reach places.  And, extenders are available which are predominantly push-on. However, we do have some telescopic screw-on extensions which tend to be much more popular.

Telescopic Cues

Finally, we have telescopic cues. These are one of the newer products on the market. The main reason players are choosing these over other cues for both pool and snooker is the fact that they are incredibly flexible. Snooker and pool cues are certainly not a one size fits all. The telescopic cues we have for sale can be coupled with a range of sections, to create a bespoke and custom cue perfectly suited to the players needs.

If you find that any cue you try is either too long or too short, the telescopic cue could be the answer.

Choosing Your Cue


If you’re a snooker player, you’ll be looking at a ¾ jointed cue. Snooker players will be looking for a 9mm-11mm tip, as balls are only 2 /16  inches in size.

8 Ball Pool & American 9 Ball Pool

Typically, 8 ball pool is a more casual sport, so you need something that’s easy to transport. A 2 piece ¾ 8 ball pool cue with a suitable case is going to get the job done.

8 Ball Pool cues tend to have a 11mm-12mm tip, whereas American 9 Ball Pool players will opt for a slightly larger 12mm-13mm tip for the simple reason that balls are slightly bigger (2 ¼ inch balls).

Cue Materials & Weight

Deciding what material to have as the basis for your snooker or pool cue, is really a matter of personal preference. Leading brands focus on producing Ash and Maple. Maple tends to be the stiffer of the two.

Cues will generally be spliced with another type of wood. This might be Ebony or Rosewood as this helps to provide adequate weight to the cue. The cheapest pool cues tend to not be spliced at all and this sometimes means that they are not adequate in weight. Generally, a weight of 500g is sufficient.

Length and Butt Thickness

Unless your looking for a bespoke cue size (using a telescopic cue), you’re probably going to find most cues are 57 inches in length. Typically, expect the butt thickness to be around 30mm.

Top 10 Best Cues

Still not found what you are looking for? Here are some of the most popular cues.

  1. Players C-960 Pool
  2. Peradon Royal – 3/4 Jointed Cue
  3. Trademark Global Billiard
  4. Lucasi Custom Cue LZCB7
  5. Valhalla Natural Maple VA112
  6. Viper Desperado Iron Cross
  7. Riley Ronnie O`sullivan Rebel
  8. BCE HER-300
  9. Players HXT99
  10. Peradon Royal – 3/4 Jointed Cue